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Presenting to the Neighborhood Association

If you have an interest in coming to the Neighborhood Association to present at a meeting, we have some basic guidelines, outlined below

Promote your business or organization

Local businesses and non-profits would would like to come to a meeting to inform neighbors about their organization can do so at any time. Please contact the association and let them know of your interest and we'll schedule you at a future meeting as meeting agendas allow.

Elected Officials and Candidates

Elected Officials at all levels who represent the Eight Streets area are always welcome to come to a neighborhood meeting. You are free to attend any meeting without notice if you would like to 'drop in' and see what the NA and residents are up to. If you would like some time to speak at a meeting and take questions from residents, we ask you give us some advance notice so we can assure there is time on the agenda.

Candidates for public office can present at meetings at the discretion of the NA President. We strive to be fair to all parties, but time, an abundance of candidates and neighborhood focus may not allow time for candidates to appear.

Please contact the association to express your interest in presenting to the NA.

Petitioners seeing NA Approval

Residents and local businesses often need to come before theNeighborhood Association to gain approval for projects. This can include license changes or requests, zoning variances, or small projects to the exterior of your home. In these cases you will need to come before the Neighborhood Association to seek support.

Please read and follow the steps below. They may seem involved and complex, but they will assure you have done your due diligence and that your project is correctly permitted. Contact the association with any questions, or once you are ready to schedule a meeting with the NA.

Before the meeting

1) Contact ESNA President a minimum of two weeks in advance to agree a date and time to present at an upcoming ESNA meeting.  Please no last minute requests. We need time to get you on the agenda and publicize your petition to members on meeting agendas.

2) Have met with your abutters, presented them with plans, and gotten signed letters of support for your project form your abutting neighbors.

3) Have your documentation in order and provide it to the ESNA President. This ensures that your plans are complete and you have seen appropriate city agencies before coming to the NA. A list of city agencies on this web site can be found here. The city web site can help you determine what kind of permits you need for your project.

Documentation should include
(a) scope of the building project
(b) architect designs
(c) letters of correspondence with the city agency(ies) involved in your particular permit. Agencies can include Boston Landmarks Commission, Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA), Licensing Board or any other City Agency. Correspondence should include any letter of denial, which will show why you are denied, and which city regulations you need relief from.
(d) letters of support from neighborhood abutters,
(e) confirmation of future hearing dates with the City of Boston. (i.e. You should have your hearing dates before seeing NA approval. They are usually set months in advance, so this should not be an issue)

All documents are to be dated and signed. 

4) Have contacted the Neighborhood Liaison from he Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services. They will help you through the permitting process, and arrange for an additional abutters meeting that the city now requires.

At the meeting

1) Bring 12 copies of: (i) scope of the building project, (ii) architect designs as handouts for meeting attendees

2) Bring a copy of the plans for NA records (If plans have been modified since earlier submission)

3) Make at 10 minute presentation to the neighborhood and be prepared to take questions. ESNA will either:
(i) pass a vote of non-opposition,
(ii) or pass a vote of opposition,
(iii) or request further information and a subsequent follow up meeting. 

After the meeting

If a vote has been passed, a letter of determination from ESNA will be sent to Mayor's ONS and the city agency that required you to come before the Association. If the vote was conditional, it is up to the petitioner to provide the required information to the NA.

Thanks for your interest in coming before the NA, and we hope to see you as a neighborhood meeting soon!