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Snow Removal

Requirements for Residents

Residential units must clean snow from their sidewalks…

  • Snow must be cleared from sidewalks with 3 hours of snow's end or 3 hours after sunrise if snow ends at night. If you can, it's often easier to shovel multiple times during a long storm than waiting for all the snow to finish.
  • You must clear a path 42 inches wide. (A path 1-shovel wide won't cut it any more)
  • Sidewalks need to be kept clear and safe. Snow melting and re-freeze can create a worse hazard than the snow itself - you need to make sure your sidewalk isn't covered in ice.
  • If you are a corner building you must clear sidewalks on both sides of your building and clear at least one path to the street.

Please be a good neighbor and also:

  • Help out any neighbors who may have trouble removing snow on their own, as well as check in on any elderly neighbors during a storm.
  • Clean out any fire hydrants, even if not in front of your home. Remember, firefighters get to the hydrants from the street. Clear 3 feet around the hydrant, and a path form the hydrant to the street
  • Clear sidewalks of small parks or other areas the city and/or BRA often do not get to
  • If you can, clear a small path from the sidewalk to the street. Pedestrians, drivers, mail carriers, package delivery and garbage men will thank you in the weeks to come.
  • Shovel out the local catch basins/storm drain. Snow melt needs somewhere to go, and if the trains are iced in the water will pool on the roads.

Car owners

  • When a snow emergency is declared, parking is prohibited on some major streets. Any street with parking restrictions will have signs posted. For our neighborhood this includes Tremont, Washington, Berkeley & E Berkeley, Clarendon & Dartmouth.
  • If you don't want to park on the street during snow, many garages will offer discount rates while a snow emergency is in effect. (see below)
  • If you are parked on the street, your resident sticker must be visible within 24 hours of snow's end or you will get a ticket.
  • When shoveling your car, put snow in-between cars. You can be fined if you dump snow back into the street or onto sidewalks.
  • You must clear all the snow off your car before driving. No driving with covered windows, or piles of snow on hood, trunk or roof.
  • The use of 'parking space savers' is not allowed in the South End.

Call 3-1-1 or use the BOS:311 app to report unshoveled sidewalks. Safety is everyones responsibility
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