Eight Streets Meeting Minutes

January 6, 1999 — 7:00 — 8:30 — Boston Ballet 5th floor Boardroom



Voting resident members present - 8

Non Voting members — 1

Associate members — 0

New members —

3 new households joined — Welcome!

Update on Action items from Dec. Meeting

Completed items from Last meeting —

Open Action items from Last meeting —


Review Updated by-laws for Vote in Feb.

Action —

Update mission; distribute to members via e-mail, copies at next meeting. (Ken)

Need to vote on acceptance of updated by-laws.

Reviewed 1998-1999 Budget for Vote in Feb.

Need to get more members — Need 4 Associate members, 8 new individuals/households

Fundraiser budgeted in June to raise $300.00.

Budgeted $300.00 for "mini-grant" program to give back to neighborhood.

Action —

Update and make available at next meeting. (Ken)

Need to vote on acceptance of updated budget

Reviewed 1998-1999 Goals for Vote in Feb.

Action -

Update goals, send via e-mail to members and make available at meetings (Ken)

Need to vote on acceptance of goals.

Update on Crime Report

No update, there was not a meeting in December.

Louane will keep us posted.

Action —


Other Business -

Updated on Parcel 8

Action —

Ken and Claudia to write letter.



Water Levels

Action —

Ed Allen will see if he can find out more information regarding this group.



Action —

Create promo page

Send out mission with cover memo

Re-format meeting flyer


Collection for Chester Square and Tex

Action —

Peter Chin to write letter and send check.