Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

September 1999 Minutes



President Ken Hirschkind called the September meeting of the association to order at 7pm on September 8. All officers were present as well as a quorum of the associationís membership. Due to time constraints, the previously posted order on the agenda was adjusted.

The first order of business was a review of Parcel 8 progress, delivered by Will Woodruff representing the Drucker Corporation. Over the summer, the architects have been working closely with neighbors on the proposed development and receiving input on the façade. With the withdrawal of a major tenant, the buildings (4 distinct) have been reworked, 8-10 new units will be added. And the existing planned units will be larger. The number of parking spaces will not be increased. The final hearing will be held Tuesday, October 5 and ideally, construction would begin in December or January.

The minutes and financial statement from the Annual Meeting were approved, with a correction of a $100 contribution to the Washington Gateway project.

The President presented a proposed budget and Goals for the 1999-200 year, to be voted upon at the next meeting.

There has been a lot of press about the "Tremont Street Cleanup" and the business association had asked for contributions from the neighborhood associations. We will research this, intend to be supportive, and would be glad to contribute on a proportionate basis.

A query was made as to neighborhood beautification efforts, as it is bulb planting time, and it was stated that we have volunteers willing to do this, but where?

As the proposed goals were discussed, the trash issue was discussed. Trash pickers are increasing in number, and a few in the neighborhood are working hard to keep the sidewalks in shape after removal. Thank you! Also, if you are unhappy with the pickup, call the Department of Public Works and speak with the District One Supervisor, Mike at 635-7555. It was also noted that we could encourage our neighbors to pick up and put out our trash neatly.

Crimewatch information was distributed and discussed. The project works wonderfully, and the city is willing to work with us on this project, put it is better organized on a street by street basis.

The subject of variances was discussed. The Executive Board does not feel the association should "take a stand", rather encourage those requesting variances to contact abutters. With abutters as well as seekers in attendance, the association would be glad to discuss the issue at one of its meetings.

An active Eight Streets member brought up the Millennium 2000 project and expressed deep concern. The proposed 48-story tower containing 250 luxury apartments and a 14-screen movie theater will , he thinks affect our neighborhood more than we realize. Comments are due at the end of September and perhaps we should consider a taskforce to look into this issue.

On a social note, a neighborhood end of the summer was proposed and planned to be held in Ringgold Park at the end of the month. We also hope to plan a Holiday event sometime in December.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm. The October meeting will be held on October 6 at the BCA annex.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Cole