Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

March 1, 2000



38 Hanson St — Replace of rear deck.

Reviewed Photos of the current deck. Current deck connects to fire escape of 40 Hanson. Proposed construction to replace existing metal deck with a wood one. Concerns over existing railings and safety. The neighbors below the proposed deck (Doug and Sharon) support the request.

Request for Eight Streets to write letter of support to BRA.

Association requested they seek support of abutters on either side due to potential light blockage issues. Association voted to no oppose the request subject to agreement of the abutters.

South End Landmarks

Alexa from Landmarks joined us to discuss the roll of Landmarks and some pointers for the association.

Landmarks must approve changes to exterior changes on facades that directly face a public way or roofs that are seen from street. Including minor repairs, repainting, replacing doors, and replacing windows, front yard changes, major changes, and new construction.

Associations can help by be the eyes and ears for the commission. If work is underway or people know of work to be done they should contact Alexa and SE commission.

Monthly Commission invites comment on proposals.

Commission appointments — 7 volunteers, residence requirements (4). Associations - nominate candidates to the commission. Currently a vacancy — Background arch, design (interior urban) urban planning. Arch history, preservation. Demonstrate interest.

Process to get Landmarks approval:

  1. File and application with appropriate plans if needed (Filing deadline is 2 weeks before the hearing.)
  2. If work requires a public hearing then you need to attend.

Note - Neighborhood concerns are taken into account during reviews.

Air Conditioners May — Oct are allowed in front windows as long as temporary and removable.

Public alley is not necessarily considered a public way. To be considered "public way" from Landmarks is needs to have a residence address on it. If you don’t know ask. Case by case basis.

Rear of Dwight is under Landmarks review.

Update on Trash initiative.

We will have trash barrels (at least 15) on Tremont Street - starting sometime in April. They are trying to coordinate the installation with a Project Place Event and the Spring-Clean Up.

The barrels will be mounted on lamp poles - but not ditsy - almost the size of the current "wobblies" - name of the current barrels. The City has committed to emptying them at least twice a day and they will do a flyer informing the public that they are not for household trash and violators will be fined.

There will also be a plaque on them reminding the public of the above and also with the Tremont Street Shines Logo somewhere - this is still be worked out.

The Dish and Framagio's have not lived up to their trash commitment. Dish puts out garbage during the day. Instead of storing outside. Double parking issues.

Action: - Ken to write a letter to Dish and Framagio's reminding them of their promise of trash containment.

Discussion on Setting an Eight Street NA Policy for Development Reviews and Approvals

We began our discussions of setting policy regarding what someone should bring to Eight Streets prior to a meeting and then what the agenda should be at the meeting. To focus our discussion we limited our scope to modifications and new construction.

Before they come to meeting -

General Requirements —

At the meeting -

Discuss to be continued at next meeting.