Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

April 5, 2000



Shawmut Parking Issues

Dave Du Bois — Franklin Café — Vice Pres. Tremont Bus Assoc.

Seeking our support -

Issue —

Ticketing during loading and unloading has become out of control on Shawmut. The Mayor is creating more pressure to ticket double parking on Tremont and Shawmut Ave. There is no loading zone on Shawmut and the 2 hour parking spots are creating a big problem with cars not moving.

Discussion —



Update on Parcel 8


Will Woodruff —

Monday night Community Meeting 6-8pm — Final public review to be held at the Cyclorama, 539 Tremont Street.

Memorandum of Understanding has been signed; all the environmental clean-up issues have been resolved. Public comment period has been extended to April 25th.

Community concerns — Loading dock on Warren Ave will be closed to all except for loading large Art objects. Loading areas will be in the Druker garage for large trucks, Tremont Street will have two loading zones. BTD will do cutaways on Tremont Street, first loading dock will be large enough for 2 24ft trucks and there will be a loading area for cars and small trucks in front of restaurant.

Resident parking- there will be a net gain of 50 resident spaces for South End residents within the garage.

Another loading zone will be created in front of the Ballet and there will be a loading/unloading zone on the side of the Ballet on Warren. All will revert to resident at night.

Update on Tremont Street Shines

South End Clean — Up

Date set for April 29th (note since this meeting the date has moved to May 20th.

No volunteer to pick up equipment and drop off equipment. The association will not be coordinating an event for the clean up. There was a suggestion that perhaps we have a Block party in Fall.

Nominations for 2000-2001 Executive Committee

Executive Committee — nominations

The following nominations where made during the meeting:

There was a proposal to discuss merging our association with another at the next meeting

Discussion on Setting an Eight Street NA Policy for Development Reviews and Approvals

Postponed discussion until next meeting.