Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

4 October 2000 Meeting Minutes

Greeting & Introductions.

Update on Parcel 8 by Jordan Warshaw of Druker Associates.


Presentation by Eli Harb re: deck construction at 95 Waltham St.

Mr. Harb presented deck plans to us in the Spring resulting in a letter from the Association stating that we did not object, contingent upon the approval of the abutters. The ZBA appeal was denied. Mr. Harb has now redesigned the 2nd & 3rd floor decks (reduced from 9X18 to 9.5X9) and will again go before the ZBA (10/10, 11:00 AM). Issuance of another letter to the ZBA to the same effect as the last was voted on and passed.

Four abutters were present at the meeting. While concerns were expressed about the general conduct of the construction, the new deck design was largely not an issue. The Association encouraged the abutters to bring any concerns to the ZBA meeting.

NOTE: Letter to ZBA sent 10/5/00.


Presentation by Liz Cahill (Friends of Peter’s Park) re: proposed changes to Peter’s Park.

Construction of Wilkes Passage Lofts has lead to a proposed revision of the adjoining Peter’s Park. A preliminary design plan was presented which retains all current facilities (Tot Lot, dog run, various athletic courts, etc.). Expense for the proposed changes would be defrayed by a $75,000 linkage fund from the developers of Wilkes Passage Lofts. Ms. Cahill will return for the 11/1/00 Association meeting to allow for time for input on Member’s concerns; she seeks a letter of support from the Association on the proposed changes.