Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

1 November 2000 Meeting Minutes

Greeting & Introductions.

Open Discussion.

Vice President McLachlan reminded us that the owners of both Dish and Formaggio had, when before us for support to open their establishments, agreed to maintain trash barrels in front of their businesses, yet have not. The president will send a letter reiterating our desire that this agreement be honored.

The membership indicated an interest in once again decorating Eight Streets with holiday wreaths. The officers will work to acquire wreaths and cordinate a time for hanging them.

In response to the need for representatives from the South End for a Citizens Action Committee (CAC) to address concerns around development of the Winn Parcel (one of the turnpike air rights developments abutting the South End), the membership asked longtime member and neighborhood advocate Ed Allen to represent us.

Vice President McLachlan spoke on his involvement with Access Boston (a group dealing with transportation issues) and indicated that a report by them would be published by year’s end (although this remains an on-going process).

A motion was passed to send a letter to the South End District Landmarks Commission in support of considering Ms. Dolly Maloof for one of the three vacant slots on the Commission (NOTE: letter sent 11/2/00).

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a meeting at the South End Brach of the Boston Public Library on Tuesday 4 December at 7:00 to discuss neighborhood concerns around poor mail delivery services. Representatives of the postal service and Rep. Michael Capuano’s office will be present. This is not an Eight Streets NA event, but residents are encouraged to attend.

Presentation on the ZIPCAR Car Sharing Service

A representative from ZIPCAR updated the Membership on this new business. There are currently two cars available in the South End, and significant continued growth is expected. With a $25 membership fee, $75 annual dues and $300 deposit, ZIPCAR members may reserve and use the available vehicles for $4.50/hour (maximum $45.00/day). More information is available at ZIPCAR.COM.


Update on BRA Article 80 by Ed Allen

Mr. Allen outlined what he considers a flaw in the BRA’s guidelines for development. Article 80 allows development taking into consideration availability of electricity, water services, gas, cable, etc. only for the proposed development without weighing the impact on existing building or taking into consideration active proposals for other development. Mr. Allen suggests that these issues should be considered, just as the impact to traffic must be (traffic impact must include current circumstances and other proposed development).

Due to time constraints, this important issue is being carried over to a more substantial time slot at the 12/6/00 meeting.


Member discussion on proposed guidelines for changes to Peters Park, Liz Cahill (Friends of Peters Park) present to address questions:

Construction of Wilkes Passage Lofts has lead to a proposed revision of the adjoining Peters Park. Friend’s of Peters Park is seeking a letter of support from all abutting neighborhood associations. Ms. Cahill returned for this second appearance in order to allow time for member discussion.

There was concern expressed about aspects of the entire process and some confusion around the current status of the proposals. Some residents expressed support for moving forward on making improvements to the park; there was not universal agreement that improvements are needed at all.

Due to time constraints, a motion was passed to postpone action on this issue until another meeting is held which would allow for more discussion. The officers will endeavor to schedule a separate, special meeting between now and the next regular monthly meeting.