Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

6 December 2000 Meeting Minutes

Greeting & Introductions.

Open Discussion.

Members requested that a letter be sent to the owners of both Dish and Formaggio suggesting that it would be of benefit to the neighborhood if they maintained trash barrels in front of their businesses. NOTE letters sent 12/7/00

Holiday wreaths have been acquired and will be hung on 12/9/00. We agreed that we should act to remove the wreaths sometime in mid-January before they begin to deteriorate.

Vice President John McLachlan reported on a South End wide meeting held on 12/6/00 around concerns with mail delivery. The Postmaster of Boston was present to hear the many comments of residents at the well-attended meeting. Problems were noted and will be reported back on. Moving forward, John will be a part of a South End committee around this issue.

A cautionary discussion around a recent robbery at 18 Dwight St. took place. Thieves gained access to the building through unprotected windows in the alley while all of the tenants were away over the 12/2 weekend. A great many valuable items were removed. Members recalled that at one time the alley was gated at both ends, but issues of fire safety and utility maintenance egress evidentially now prevent this.

Members requested that a future meeting include an update on Rollins Court by the Planning Office of the Archdiocese of Boston, A representative will be requested.


Update on BRA Article 80 by Ed Allen

Mr. Allen was unable to attend this meeting, so the presentation has been postponed until the 3 January meeting.

Member discussion on proposed guidelines for changes to Peters Park, Liz Cahill (Friends of Peters Park) present to address questions:

Beginning at our October meeting, Friend’s of Peters Park had sought our support for proposed changes to Peter’s Park. Ms. Cahill returned for a third appearance to help us to continue the member discussion. Since the beginning of discussions at our meetings, a decision was made at a community-wide meeting on 11/2 to move forward with the process by providing the Park’s Department with a preliminary list of proposed changes/improvements (this action allowed the Park’s Department to "get the ball rolling"). It is predicted that this will ultimately be a years-long process.

Members discussion revolved around clarifying how the process for the changes has and will flow; concerns around changes to existing features (such as the Mural Wall) were discussed. Ultimately, the proposed changes really are just a starting point and as the process moves forwards there will be ample opportunity for resident input.

Ms. Cahill also told us that Friends of Peters Park may move forward with some improvements before the ultimate proposed changes come to fruition. FOPP’s first priority is making improvements to the dog run which will help to alleviate dust and health concerns. Improvements to the Tot Lot are also under consideration.