Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

4 April 2001 Meeting Minutes

Greeting & Introductions.

Open Discussion.

After a discussion of the merits, a proposal was passed to amend the by-laws so that Eight Streets NA is scheduled to meet year-round as opposed to not meeting in July & August.

Notice was given on the up-coming elections for the May ("Annual") meeting. The current officers are willing to serve again, but encouraged others to express their desire for involvement as they see fit.

Sharon Ghiloni from Ellis NA spoke briefly to encourage Eight Streets members to be involved in meetings around the Columbus Center development (Parcels 16 & 17 of the turnpike extension air-rights developments).



Presentation on Improvement Activities at Berkley Community Gardens

Members of the South End/Lower Roxbury Open Land Trust and Friends of The Berkley Community Gardens attended. A slide presentation was made which illustrated the history of the gardens as well as the ambitious plans for future improvements. Eight Streets residents (even non-gardeners) who are interested in supporting the improvements to the gardens are encouraged to join The Friends group (see our web site for links).

Presentation of proposed sun room for roof of 28 Dwight St.:

A representative from Four Seasons Sun Rooms presented the proposed plans for a sun room which would cover the same "foot" as the current deck (width of building, on rear half (read: not visible from street)), and 10’ 7" high (floor to ceiling).

Residents, including some abutters, expressed concerns about the mass of the addition, the fact that it was not sympathetic, and the setting of a precedent for such additions. By a unanimous vote, a proposal to oppose the construction was passed. A letter was sent to the Zoning Board of Appeals (with a CC to owner Tim Vontz) on the morning of 4/5/01.