Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

"July" Meeting Minutes, 27 June 2001

Greeting & Introductions.

Open Discussion.

After having several over-booked meetings in a row, the membership was more at leisure to share their concerns in an open forum. A great deal of the meeting was taken up with general discussion amongst people on general neighborhood concerns.

Specific points to note:

It has been ascertained that the new date to begin construction at Parcel 8 (Atelier) is this coming August. A 24 month construction schedule is planned.

The next social event will be a pot-luck picnic on Sunday 7/22 (details on the website and to be posted on flyers).

The much opposed proposals for Parcel 16 & 17 (Columbus Center) have been withdrawn pending a different proposal. The developers claim not to have any idea what form the new proposals will take. A presentation on the new proposals is expected this summer.

Jamie Hoag, Mayor Menino's liaison to the neighborhhod planned a meeting with Boston Transportation Department and asked for input. Mr. Hoag was provided with a list of long-standing issues around traffic. He reports that he has passed them on to BTD. The majority of comments centered around pedestrian safety, particularly on Tremont and along the Clarendon/Waltham Corridor.

Jim Heroux of Friends of Ringgold Park gave an (unexpected) update on the proposed sculpture for the park (see February minutes). The intent is to have a small, raised cold-frame-like casing which will contain two web cameras and will be open so as to allow those so inclined to "add" to the sculpture. The artist has yet to obtain all of the needed materials, but is making solicitations for them.

The alliance among South End neighborhood associations is slowly moving forward with the involvement of Eight Streets.

Discussion on adjusting the membership cyle to align with the new meeting schedule (no summer break) and a donation to a local youth basketball group were postponed pending avaiolability of the Treasurer.