Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

5 September 2001 Meeting Minutes

Greeting & Introductions/Open Discussion.


There will be an event in Peter’s Park this Sunday, 9/9 from 2:00 to 6:00 sponsored by South End Youth Baseball, Friend’s of Peter’s Park and Old Dover NA.

Members are urged to vote in the 9/11 and 9/25 Primaries.

South End Open Studios will be held on September 15 & 16.

Union Park Fall Harvest Fair will be held Saturday September 15.


A pot-luck picnic in Ringgold Park will be arranged for Sunday 9/23.

Officers will meet to discuss revamping the membership cycles (based on date of payment instead of calendar year).

Officers will meet to discuss changes to membership form.

Members request that future meeting include presentations by:

Jordan Warshaw, Druker Co., in re: Parcel 8/Atelier.

Sheila Grove, Washington Gateway, in re: Washington St. development/traffic.

Randi Lathrop, BRA, in re: community-wide developments.