Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

5 December 2001 Meeting Minutes

Greeting & Introductions.

Randi Lathrop of BRA has had to postpone her appearance again.

Presentation on proposed changes to 548 Tremont St.:

Robin and Adam Tweedy (accompanied by their architect, Noel Clarke) had comprehensive visual aids to illustrate their plan to replace the front roof, replace two rear dormers at the rear and add a small (one window) rear dormer (not visible from the street). They also wish to replace the roof where needed (it is in poor repair).

The membership voted not to oppose, contingent on approval of abutters. A letter to this effect was sent to the ZBA on 12/6 (CC to the Tweedys).

Update on South End Neighborhood Coalition:

Tim Kozlowski, Eight Streets delegate to SENC, gave an update on its progress. The organization has arrived at a set of by-laws to be voted on this month; elected two main officers (Tim is Vice President). Many other South End NAs have joined which greatly improves the chances of the SENC’s success.

Open Member Discussion:

Members took the time to chat and share information & ideas about on-going neighborhood issues (development, parking dogs, etc.).

Treasurer Peter Chin asked if he could once again hang holiday wreaths at the Eight Streets corners. While there was some concern about the wreaths not being removed in a timely fashion and creating an eyesore, Peter will try to acquire wreaths and volunteers to hang/remove them. Many thanks to Peter for taking the lead on this!