Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

2 January 2002 Meeting Minutes

Greeting & Introductions.

Presentation on the Boston Redevelopment Authority:

Randi Lathrop and Todd Fry of the BRA shared a brand new PowerPoint slide show on the roles, responsibilities and history of the BRA. Time only allowed for a truncated version (about 30 minutes) to be shown. The program was informative and well received. Randi also had significant printed material to distribute, and encouraged people to visit the BRA’s website for further information (http://www.cityofboston.gov/bra). Randi fielded several questions about current South End developments; Parcel 8 is still planned, with a Spring ground-breaking date; Wilkes Passage and Rollins Sq. are on schedule for occupancy over the Summer and in the Autumn (respectively) — Wilkes Passage is 65% sold; several developments are planned for the Old Dover area; Columbus Center is progressing and public comment on the current proposal is due the first week of February.

Time constraints did not allow for other discussion, but the presentation and discussion around the BRA was time well spent. It was an interesting and informative evening.