Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes
6 march 2002

Greetings & Introductions


The South End Neighborhood Coalition trash committee continues to work on an approach to the trash problem. An education program to promote increased recycling is moving forward. Discussion continues around changes to trash collection times and times when it is allowed to place ones trash at curbside.

The Druker Co. is moving forward with adding a CVS to the space formerly occupied by Wollaston's, according to a 3/5 meeting attended by Vice President John McLachlan. CVS would occupy 12,000 sq. ft. leaving 3,000 sq. ft. for another tenant, possibly a small grocer, with an entrance on Herald St. The new main entrance to the CVS will be moved from the alley facing Castle Sq. to Tremont St.

BRA Data Gathering Session on former Area D Police Station (E. Berkeley at Warren):

Sonal Gandhi of the BRA was kind enough to join us at this meeting to gather neighborhood input on this property. Currently, the BRA plans to sell to a developer which would create a market rate condominium complex. Some funds from the sale would go to The Cathedral Housing Development for renovations (this would replace the funds lost when tenants were opposed to receiving a federal grant to improve the development).

Concerns which Members raised to Ms. Gandhi included parking (there are a number of indoor parking spaces which may be retained); additional height (an addition is not likely, but there is a stepped pattern to the building on the Gary St. side which may be "filled"); one Member felt that ground floor retail would add liveliness to the street.

The property is priced at $4.5 - $5 million. The development phase continues towards an RFP with broader public meetings planned for 2Q02.