Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes
5 June 2002

Greetings & Introductions


President Tim Kozlowski continues to work with the City on having the derelict building at 40 Dwight St. condemned (a first step in allowing the city to take action on it). On 5/31 Tim received word from the Mayor's office that "...the owner of 40 Dwight Street appeared before an inspectional services board on May 23rd. He indicated that he is going to sell the building in 30 days. In case he does not live up to this agreement, the case has been handed over to the Law Department. It will going into receivership if the owner does not comply."

Ed Allen (our Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods delegate) reports that ABN continues their work on assuring proper processes and public review of development and land taking practices in the City. A statement on the laisssez faire attitude towards the long-delayed Silver Line is also being prepared. Ed also attended the BPD crime meeting; Eight Streets continues to have fewer problems than most areas of the South End. The unfortunate violent robbery at Athens Market was an aberration, and we are all happy to note that Mr. Chung is back at work and looking fit.

Members are reminded that the highly recommended South End Garden Tour will take place on Saturday 15 June!

Pot Luck Picnic! We'll have our first social event of the season on Thursday 20 June (rain date 27 June) from 5:30 to 7:30. Check our website, South End News or flyers for details.

Presentation of Proposed Development of 296 Shawmut Ave.

David Goldman and Dennis Kanin of New Boston Housing came to seek our support (specifically with the Zoning Board of Appeals)to develop 296 Shawmut Ave. Please see last month's Minutes for further details on the project. The presentation to the Membership indicated an addition to the entire rear of the replacement building of approximately 7 feet in depth; addition of egress stairwells at the rear; the addition of a terrace/deck at the top level; restoration of the front facade (using as much original material as is feasible); and a configuration of thee units (two duplexes and a floor-through). Construction would ideally begin this summer and last between 8 and 12 months. While some disruption is inevitable, Mr. Goldman will attempt to acquire permission to use an adjoining parking lot in order to alleviate some of the problems. Eight Streets NA membership, by unanimous vote, does not oppose the development as described to us. A letter to this effect was sent to the ZBA on 6 June.