Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes
10 July 2002

Greetings & Introductions


Update on Atelier|505 - Vibrating of retaining wall will continue until around August 1st. This info is gathered from fliers distributed by Turner construction to milford and other local streets. Some residents on Milford near construction reported excessive disruption due to vibration. Ed Allen also noted he has a new crack in his wall.
Turner Construction seemed receptive when two residents contacted their field office with problems. (Most likely the catalyst for the fliers.) They assure us they will monitor things, but due to the problems at 131, residents are encouraged to monitor their buildings on their own as well...

Silver Line opening celebrations will take place on July 20th. Aside form opening ceremonies at Dudley, there will be celebrations at all local stops - Union Park and Berkeley silver line stops are adjacent to the eight streets neighborhood.

Ed Allen missed the police briefing, so no report. ABN meeting has also been postponed, so no status to report.

On 7/16 BWSC will have an update on the Union Park Pumping Station, and the general south end flooding 'improvements'. Ed A. will also inquire on the statues of the Milford st. water main replacement.