Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 7 August 2002

Greetings & Introductions


Updates were given on the new Silver Line (including exchanges on the issue of replacing crosswalks); Washington Main Streets has requested that citizens take it upon themselves to try to maintain the new trees planted along Washington St. (approximately 15 gallons of water per week is required during the growing season for the first three years).

SENC: No update (did not have an official July meeting)

ABN: No Update (do not meet in August; Delegate absent)

Annual Elections:

Current officers ran unopposed and were reelected: ╩Tim Kozlowski, President; ╩John McLachlan, Vice President; Peter Chin, Treasurer; OPEN, Secretary.


A letter (and associated documentation) was presented encouraging a redistricting plan which would make the South End more cohesive and united.

The letter was drafted by Mark Merante of the Claremont NA, and other organizations were invited to sign on. ╩╩╩The Eight Streets Membership did not feel comfortable enough with the complex issue to join-in on the letter.

Individuals were encouraged to act as they see fit.


Submitted by Tim Kozlowski, 8/7/02