Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes, 6 November 2002

Greeting & Introductions.


This Saturday the City-sponsored South End Neighborhood clean-up will be held from 9:00 to Noon. Supplies for those wishing to join in will be available in front of the BCA.

President Tim Kozlowski continues to try to work with the City to take action on the derelict building at 40 Dwight St. (which it seems was recently sold to someone with the intent of renovating it). The City has refused to act on several requests over two weeks concerning the fact that the building is not secured (a door was pried open).


South End Neighborhood Coalition: SENC committees or coordinating bodies on four issues of neighborhood-wide concerns (trash, public safety, groundwater and Logan airport) are meeting and forming positions for SENC members to consider and act on.
In his role as SENC officer (and Eight Streets' co-delegate) President Kozlowski was invited to have coffee last week with Congressman Michael Capuano. It was basically a casual chat, but it helps us to have any personal connection with the Congressman.

Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods: Delegate Edward Allen reports that the ABN is acting to identify additional key issues to focus on.

Police Report: Edward Allen attended the monthly community meeting of D-4 station and reports that over-all, South End crime is down and Eight Streets continues to have a relatively low number of incidents. Drug problems in Peters Park are on the rise; the number of homeless people using the park is also rising (perhaps as a result of cut backs to homeless services, specifically to our neighbor The Pine Street Inn).