Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes, 5 February 2003

Greeting & Introductions.


Saturday 8 February from 3:00 to 5:00 Eight Streets NA will sponsor an afternoon social event at The Dish for our residents.

A list of proposed capital improvements was gathered (on short notice by the City) and passed on to the Mayor' liaison to the neighborhood.

Final comments on the proposed Columbus Center development are due to the BRA by 2/17.


South End Neighborhood Coalition: SENC will host a representative from ISD to collect data from residents on Wednesday 12 February at 6:30 at the South End Branch of the Boston Public Library.

Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods: Delegate Edward Allen reports that the ABN is acting to identify additional key issues to focus on, while continuing to examine the role of the BRA in Boston. ABN opposed a change which was ultimately approved by the BRA which radically increased the height limits for downtown buildings without providing a meaningful link to affordable housing.

Police Report: Edward Allen attended the monthly community meeting of D-4 station and reports that there has been no crime reported in Eight Streets for the month. The South End has experienced a rise in car break-ins and there was a robbery at the Citizen's Bank on Washington St.


Presentation on the Changing FAR at 31 Milford St.:

Ms. Alina Duckham sought our support for a ZBA presentation to incorporate a common basement area of the building into her unit with the approval of her fellow residents at 31 Milford. Members voted to not oppose this change. Letter sent to ZBA (with CC to Ms. Duckham) on 6 February.

Presentation on Liquor License for Union (proposed restaurant for 1357 Washington St.):

Mr. Jeffrey Gates sought Members support in his application for a liquor license for this space. Members voted to not oppose his application. Letter sent to the Licensing Board (with CC to Mr. Gates) on 6 February.