Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes, 5 March 2003


Greeting & Introductions.



South End Neighborhood Coalition: SENC will host Shirley Kressel of the Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods on Wednesday 12 March at 6:30 at the South End Branch of the Boston Public Library. All SENC meetings are open to the public.

Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods: No update (delegate absent).

Police Report: Edward Allen attended the monthly community meeting of D-4 station and reports (via email) that crime in the South End has been, in general, "down" (perhaps due to the severe weather). There was a car broken into on Waltham, a larceny on Dwight and an attempted car-jacking on Tremont. A man was struck by a car at the corner of Hanson and Tremont and required hospitalization.



Presentation on Legalizing Current "Use" of Tanning Salon and Financial Services office at 546 Tremont.: Mr. Brian Gerhardson, the owner of 546 Tremont and the tenant American Express Financial Advisor business at that address has found that the Use of the two commercial spaces was never changed to accommodate the current tenants. He requested our support in his ZBA application to have this rectified. The Membership voted to send a letter to the ZBA indicating that we do not oppose this approval. NOTE: letter sent, with CC to Mr. Gerhardson, on 3/6/03.