Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes, 2 April 2003

Greeting & Introductions.


South End Neighborhood Coalition: SENC will hosted Shirley Kressel of the Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods at their last meeting. Ms. Kressel gave a presenation on the history and possible future of the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods: ABN continues to examine the role and future of the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Police Report: Edward Allen attended the monthly community meeting of D-4 station and reports that the only reported crimes in the Eight Streets area for the past month have been car-related.


Licensing Issue: Mr. David Haddon, Ms. Barbara Lynch and Mr. Garrett Harker requested the support of the Membership in their request to transfer the existing beer/wine licenses attached to the spaces at 550 Tremont St. (the former location of Le Gamin) and 552 Tremont St. (the former location of Rave). Eight Streets NA Membership voted unanimously to not oppose the request to transfer the existing beer/wine licenses. [NOTE: letter sent 4/3]

Open Space Issue: Mr. Henri Cole (Member) made a presentation asking that our Membership support the tenants at 258 Shawmut Ave. in their requests to the BRA in not allowing a change to the existing restrictions placed on the open space lots at 64 and 66 Bradford Street, which directly abut 258 Shawmut Ave. It is our understanding that the current owner of these properties agreed in writing not to develop 64 Bradford until at least 2005 and 66 Bradford until at least 2016. Several tenants of 258 Shawmut voiced strong concern about the negative impact on air and light which construction on these lots would have on their homes.

The owner of the properties, Ms. Tracy Roberts, was present at the meeting to give her point of view on the topic. She pointed out that the agreements which she signed do allow for her to request a change of the time restrictions noted above.

Mr. Cole and Ms. Roberts were both receptive to questions and concerns from the general Membership during our discussion of this issue.

By majority vote, the Membership of Eight Streets NA does support the request that that the current open spaces at 44 and 46 Bradford St. be retained as such and that dispensation from the BRA to build on these lots before the above noted dates not be granted. [NOTE: letter sent 4/3]