Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes, 7 May 2003


Greeting & Introductions.



South End Neighborhood Coalition: SENC hosted representatives from the Boston Museum Project at the last meeting (see Eight Streets 12/02 Minutes for more info on this organization). On Monday 12 May SENC will host Congressman Mike Capuano in an open public forum at 7:00 PM at the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center.

Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods: ABN continues to examine the role and future of the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Police Report: No update.


Members are reminded that the annual SELROSLT "South End Garden Tour" is on Saturday 21 June. This is a wonderful event which Members are encouraged to enjoy.

There will be a public meeting on development of 301 Columbus Ave. (in the Ellis area) on 13 May at 6:30 in the tent City Community Room. A ten story, 60 unit residential development is proposed for the space currently holding a two story professional building.

The BRA has invited the officers of some neighborhood associations abutting Washington St. to a meeting around the issue of a commercial tenant for a space at Rolling Square. Officers from Old Over NA, Union Park NA, Eight Streets NA and Bradford NA are invited to meet with representatives from the 7-11 company as well as Mercantile Bank. Since Rollins Square is in a "U" zone, the BRA has complete authority over it (e.g. circumventing licensing, etc.).

A Member and resident of 258 Shawmut wished to publicly thank us for providing a fair and open forum for their concerns last month (see April Minutes for details).