Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

4 June 2003

Greeting & Introductions


The South End Garden Tour will take place on Saturday 21 June from 10 - 4.

Gallia (in Blackstone/Franklin NA) has requested outdoor seating for 52.

Truc is changing hands. A note was sent to the Licensing Board indicating that the new owners had not requested Eight Streets input before requesting the license transfer.

The monthly crime report (via email) shows a day-time break-in at 48 Waltham and an increase in car break-ins and thefts in the South End.

ZBA Issue: Mr. Rob Ferris is renovating the brownstone at 33 Dwight into condominiums and has before appearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals to get permission to build decks (ground floor and roof decks are planned but do not require a variance; second and third floor decks are also planned) has sought neighborhood input and support from Eight Streets NA. Plans for decks covering the entire width of the building are proposed. No abutter attended to voice concerns. Members present voted to not oppose these decks (letter sent to ZBA to that effect).

Commercial Tenants at Rollins Sq.: The BRA hosted a meeting between abutting NA officers and representatives from the new commercial tenants at Rollins Sq. Several residents of Rollins Sq. and Wilkes Passage Lofts were present as well.

Mercantile Bank has a lease for the Washington St. space between Waltham and Rollins St.; the space between Rollins St. and Savoy St. is leased to the 7-11 corporation (they do not have a franchisee for the operation yet). Both concerns hope to be open within a few months.

While Mercantile Bank was met with support, the consensus was that a 7-11 would not be of benefit to the neighborhood. Many people had concerns about trash, loitering and noise. The original intent was to be open 24 hours but the 7-11 representatives agreed to consider closing earlier for now.

Some people in the community plan to continue to oppose 7-11 being allowed to operate at this location. This area of Washington St. is a development zone which only requires the approval of the BRA; the BRA claims to only have authority over "hours and take-out." There are unconfirmed statements that Licensing also needs to be involved.

Eight Streets will continue to monitor this topic and report back to Membership.