Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes, 1 October 2003

Greeting & Introductions.


The Berkeley Community garden will hold their Fall Clean-Up on Saturday 25 October.

Renovation on the derelict property at 40 Dwight St. seems to have halted after a brief flurry of activity. Eight Streets continues to try to work with the appropriate City offices to get some meaningful action taken on this situation.

The razing of 296 Shawmut is nearly complete; the building will be replaced in duplicate of its original design (see April 2002 Minutes).

Eight Streets officers will contact the City (Licensing and Community Officer of the Police Dept.) to seek guidance on an observed problem at local eateries. Both Perdix and B&G Oysters Ltd. are allowing patrons waiting to be seated to consume alcoholic beverages out of doors, which is illegal.

Eight Streets officers plan to arrange another social event at an area restaurant for an upcoming weekend afternoon.