Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes, 5 November 2003


Greeting, Introductions & Announcements.

Members are reminded to forward any concerns about mail delivery at www.usps.com. Having a documented trail of issues is the first step to getting action taken on any problems.

The Boston Sunday Globe of 26 September contained an article on the derelict shell of a building at 40 Dwight St. Eight Streets' displeasure with this long term problem was noted. The owner continues to indicate his intention of developing the property, but given the six years which have passed since the fatal fire at this former illegal rooming house, many residents remain skeptical.


South End Neighborhood Coalition:

SENC decided on four topics of neighborhood-wide concern to focus on in the short term (see below).

We also welcomed librarian Anne Smart (through whose generosity SENC is able to meet at the South End Branch of the Boston Public Library) to speak about programs at the library. Anne thanked southend.org members for their recent gift subscriptions of popular magazines, which had been lost to budget cuts. Anne also indicated that any used magazines that people care to drop off can always be put to good use by the library.

Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods: Our delegate to ABN has recently relocated so we need to find a new one.


ZBA Issue; 88 Waltham St.:

Mr. Eric Korins asked Eight Streets' support in a ZBA variance to allow a change of occupancy from "rooming house" to "seven unit dwelling" to reflect the long-term conditions at 88 Waltham St. It seems that when the building was converted to condominiums in 1979 that this was overlooked. Eight Streets voted to send a letter not opposing this variance (NOTE: letter sent 11/6).

SENC Propositions:

The South End Neighborhood Coalition, of which Eight Streets is a member, has asked for input on four issues which they have identified as possible action items:

More groundwater test wells in the South End: Eight Streets Members understand the need for this and support this action, obviously hoping to have the wells placed in meaningful locations, including within our bounds.

Bar closing hours extended to 4 AM: There is a proposed legislative change to allow for later bar closing times during next year's Democratic National Convention in Boston. Members are concerned about setting a precedent beyond the target event and do not support such a change.

Repainting of pedestrian crosswalks: Members support this with the hope that it will be done in a season which allows for the maximum benefit.

Additional of trash barrels on commercial streets: The business district of Tremont St. in our bounds already has trash barrels. Adding barrels on Shawmut is considered by the Membership to be inappropriate as this is not primarily a commercial area and has a majority of residential units at streets level.