Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes, 3 December 2003


Greeting, Introductions & Announcements.

A light crowd enabled us to just chat about neighborhood issues this meeting. Topic drifted from restaurants to housing to trash to cleanups to neighborhood participation.

Members were briefs on the SENC meeting - information from Jerome was passed on. A new gallery has opened at Milford & Shawmut (gallia). No new restaurants this month. :)

There was some interest in spiffing up the neighborhood this spring, provided we can encourage others in the neighborhood to participate. John Payne asks if we could put Taylor park on the Parks Department list of parks to get a facelift. (apparently the tree trimming in Taylor this year was paid for with residents' money).

John had an interesting though - since we observe many restaurants doing only one late seating, would they be interested in having 'early bird specials' to give the locals a chance to eat affordably & get more biz for their restaurants?