Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes, 5 May 2004


Greeting & Introductions & Announcements:

The City-wide Spring Clean-up will be held on Saturday 22 May; Eight Streets' efforts to contribute to this effort will be coordinated via our email list (which can be joined via our website at eightstreets.tripod.com).

Those wishing to contribute non-perishable food items to help the needy may leave contributions by their mailboxes on Saturday 7 May to be collected by your mail-carrier. Vice President John McLachlan continues to be involved with the U. S. Postal Service committee which seeks to improve mail service in the area. Contact information for USPS complaints is available on our website.

The Berkeley Community Garden Spring Clean-up and plot lottery was held on 1 May and was a great success. There may be a few more plots available; those who are interested should visit www.berkeleygardens.org for details.

South End Neighborhood Coalition: Elizabeth Leary and Bill Good of Inspectional Services Division appeared at the last SENC meeting to update us on ISD initiatives and to field resident questions and concerns. ISD has been using what resources are available to them to attempt to increase compliance of Site Cleanliness requirements in front of Boston businesses. Periodic sweeps to issue citations (green tickets) to residents also continues, coupled with increased pressure to not ignore any fines. SENC Members offered suggestions on optimizing these efforts through proper timing and targeting of the trash offenders. Many Member concerns around trash issues are not under the auspices if ISD itself, but Ms. Leary is striving to increase coordination with the Public Works Department in order to more effectively combat the problems.

Eight Streets and SENC are planning to coordinate increased efforts around trash issues in conjunction with the Spring Clean-up (see above).

NOTE: I apologize for inadvertently neglecting to give this SENC update at our actual meeting - Tim Kozlowski.

Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods: Our delegate to ABN has recently relocated so we need to find a new one.

ISD Issue - 40 Dwight St. Decks:

Mr. Christopher Marano of Wellesley Homes, who is over-seeing renovation of 40 Dwight St. (which has lay empty since being the site of a fire several years ago; see Meeting Minutes of past discussions), made a presentation requesting our support of a variance to erect 8' (deep) X 13' decks on the second and third floors at the rear of this address. No direct abutters appeared at the meeting to voice concerns and the attending Membership voted to note oppose Mr. Marano being granted this variance. A letter to this effect will be sent on 6 May

Member Discussion: Members discussed and were updated on various on-going issues.