Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes, 7 July 2004


Greeting & Introductions & Announcements:


With Tim resigning from the presidency, and John's 4th term coming to a close in September, Eightstreets needs some new blood. The best focus is to try to re-energize the neighborhood and try to get people more involved. Coincidentally, we saw 3 new faces at this month's meeting.

There were many ideas bounced around during the free-format meeting. Everyone had good ideas, but agreed that without a great cause, people do tend to be complacent. Three areas of involvement were suggested to concentrate on as a way to encourage involvement

People suggested that htere has been such a turnover in Eightstreets that many people do not know about eightstreets, or waht the role of a NA is. (One new face asked why we existed, case in point). In order to present a new fact to the community, the following were suggested

The letter idea went over well. Topics could include

Several of the news folks said they would join the mailing list, and the whole NA would converse on these issues during July, and make August a 'plan of attach' meeting.