Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes, 2 February 2005

Greeting & Introductions & Announcements:

  • Looking for someone to attend monthly D4 Boston Police South End Panel meeting. Held the last Monday of the month. For more information about the D4 police and their schedule of events, go to http://d4bpd.com/

Zoning Board Appeals

        18 Dwight Street : Braden Plant, owner of 18 Dwight Street, presented his plans to add two decks to his unit on the top two floors. The top deck would be approximately 6 ft deep, the one below it approximately 5 ft in consideration of the neighbor who lives below him. He is proposing two decks to be built on a cantilever which his engineer has signed off on. He presented 30 signatures from neighbors who approved his building of the decks. He plans to join his fire escape with the neighbor next door. Eight Streets Membership voted to not oppose the construction of the decks [Note: letter to ZBA, CC to Mr Plant 2/5/05]


  • Ground Water Discussion: Ted Vasiliou came to present information on the Groundwater Educational Forum and discussed why Groundwater is an issue and why residents should care about it.

    The goal of the form is to build an informed constituency through which a preventative solution to the problem of the insufficient groundwater can be implemented. It is only with a large constituency that politicians, at the city and state level, will shift from reactive, short term crisis driven approach to the problem to a long term preventative approach.

    The next meeting is
    Tuesday April 5, 2005 from 6:30-9:30 PM at Rabb lecture hall, Boston Public Library, Copley Square.

    For more information, go to www.bostongroundwater.com

  • Spring Street Fair: Scheduled for June 4, 2004 (rain date June 5).
    • Looking for members to volunteer to help with organizing
    • Looking for ideas to make it more fun for people to attend
    • Tag Sale: Looking for people interested in setting up a table to sell off some of their stuff collecting dust!
    • Contact Heather Slaby heather.slaby at verizon.net for more information