Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes, 2 March 2005

Greeting & Introductions & Announcements:

Zoning Board Appeals –

Š      79 Waltham Street : Katherine Divne, an owner in 79 Waltham Street, presented  plans for three units in her building to add decks to the rear of their units. They are proposing to build four 10 ft decks to be built which they feel will greatly improve their quality of life. They presented letters from neighbors in support of the decks. The owner from the basement/lower unit was not in attendance but it was expressed by the owners asking for support that that these owners in the lower unit were not in support of the decks being built but that they were working with them in order to come to an agreement. Most members refrained from the vote but with membership that did vote, the result was to “not oppose” the construction of the decks [Note: letter to ZBA, CC Katherine Divne ]