Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

June 7, 2006



Announcements –



They would like to add on a cordial license to both locations because ustomers have asked for things like Pernod, Sambuca, Campari, Frangelico and Fernet Branca. None of them knew the definition of what the cordial license included/excluded.  While they did not seem clear about what the definition was, they strongly suggested they only want to add 4 or 5 different items to be served at the end of the meal or as an aperitif. (Pernod, Sambuca, Fernet Branca, Frangelico, Campari).  They stated this is mainly planned for the Butcher Shop and not as much for B&G and that the Butcher Shop is gearing up to move the menu back to small plates as was initially presented to ESNA.


The neighborhood association expressed concern about the definition of cordial license and asked Owners/Management of the Butcher Shop and B&G Oysters to assure the neighborhood that they would not attempt to stretch the definition of cordials by serving flavored vodkas and martinis.


Membership nanimously voted to not oppose B&G and Butcher Shop going for a cordial license [Letter]


Meeting Topics





Planning for 2006 – 2007


Š      Ideas/Potential Guest Speakers:

o      Marco Torres talk about Mayors office

o      Officer Bob & Caroline McNeil – Discuss new presence of BPD in ESNA

o      Transportation department to discuss traffic in ESNA

o      Panel Discussion: Landmarks Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Marco Torres – to discuss what neighbors need to do when they want to make changes to their homes.

Š      Letter campaign to attract new members