March 07 Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Minutes




Business Meeting:


Dog Recreation Space (DRS)


Boston Parks Department has approved the Peters Park DRS.   Sarah Woolverton of Friends of Peters Park came to the meeting to present the final design of the DRS.   (Parks department will allow them to use park space for the DRS, but the support group must pay for construction and maintenance of the DRS through their own and private fundraising)


The DRS will be along Washington street, on the corner adjacent to Wilkes Passage.   It will have nice ornamental fencing, plenty of plantings, and new benches.   Surface includes some kind of small stone, with an asphalt ‘walking path’ around the play area (but within the fenced in area).   The DRS will also include a special small dog area, as well as an entry ‘vestibule’ that will prevent dogs form ‘escaping’ when the fence is open as someone enters and exits.


Complete information can also be found on the Friends of Peters Park web site, at, including full DRS Plans and DRS Rules


Susan Passoni


City Council District 2 candidate Susan Passoni addressed the ESNA Members.   She gave a short overview of her issues and concerns and then took questions from residents.


Complete information and an outline of her views can be seen on her candidacy website,


As a reminder – Voter turnout is traditionally low in the south end.   This election is important.  If voter turnout is low, the winning candidate won’t listen to our issues.   VOTE!   Tell your friends.  Get people registered.   And please, GET OUT AND VOTE!!