Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting – September 5, 2007








30 Dwight Street –Tom Weigel, resident of 30 Dwight and representing the Condo Association, presented plans for addition of Rear Decks and a new Roof deck at 30 Dwight.  Roof deck is ‘standard’ and complies with Landmarks visibility rules.   Decks will all be cantilever, some decks connecting to the adjacent 28 Dwight decks via existing fire escapes.


Mr. Weigel presented several letters of support for the project.  Penthouse of #28 wrote asking that support beams for the new roof deck not interfere with #28’s roof deck’s access hatch.   An abutter at #28 expressed concern about privacy and noise about having decks adjacent to his deck.


Eight Streets voted to not oppose the rear Decks and Roof Deck as presented in the plans at the meeting.   A letter will be sent to ZBA



298 Shawmut Ave –Geno Ranaldi (Owner) and Mark Doherty (Agent) presented plans for several changes to 298 Shawmut, the building which formerly housed The Waltham Tavern.  Changes proposed include


One resident suggested two currently covered windows may not have been blocked up, but may have originally been built as a false window.   He will work with Landmarks and Mr. Ranaldi to research the false window origins.  Mr. Ranaldi and Mr. Doherty were not opposed to keeping one or both windows as false if this is historically accurate.


There were other general design questions, but most people were happy with the proposal.  Eight Streets voted to not oppose all design changes as presented at the meeting.  A letter will be sent to both ZBA and landmarks.



Open Member Discussion – General discussion after business presentations include:


Call for ideas for events and topics for the 2007-2008 year

Tony of Hingham Savings detailed damage his planters have been receiving.  Members are reminded to call 911 to report such damage.  There is also a D4 police community meeting the last Monday of each month at the Harrison Ave police station.   It is an open meeting, and any resident can attend and express their concerns.

The condition of PA 705 and the Tremont sidewalk between Milford and Hanson were both reported as poor.   A reminder any such problems can be reported to the city hotline number at 617-635-4500

Some complaints about speeding valets.  Please report such incidents to the above hotline number.  John will also contact the Valet agency (Ultimate) to remind them of proper valet etiquette. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:15.