Eight Streets Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes, Dec 5, 2007

Greeting & Introductions & Announcements:

Zoning Board Appeals – 18 Dwight Street :

Braden Plant, owner of 18 Dwight Street came to the neighborhood support to attain approval for a variance to increase the size of his roof deck and extend within 5 feet of the rear wall.


Mr. Plant presented diagrams and photos showing that the proposed deck is in compliance with landmarks in that it is not visible from the street. He wants to use the load bearing back wall to support the new deck structure. He mentioned that his plans were approved by 2 structural engineers and he brought letters of support from abutters. The plan he presented also showed that on one corner, it would extend past the rear load bearing wall by about 8 inches in order to make a more visually square shaped deck. The only concern raised was about the one corner extending beyond one of the load bearing wall.


Š      Eight Streets Membership voted not opposed to the expansion of the roof deck to extend to the load bearing wall, but not beyond it. [Note: letter to ZBA, CC ]