Feb 08 Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Minutes


Business Meeting


10 Bond Street –


Lawyers name: William Ferrulo from Mcdermott Cooley and Miller law firm presented representing the Szetos at 10 Bond St. The city put 10 Bond into receivership because it was abandoned for 10 yrs. Unsafe and dangerous. Elliot Laffer is exec director of groundwater trust was in attendance.


Situation: Zitos looking to implement a new ground water recharge systems that is needed to comply with article 32. This mater requires zoning relief from ZBA. They are requesting a variance because of a condition of the site (underground storage heating oil tank was discovered when they were doing cleanup). Mr Ferullo claims that the oil tank did not appear on any plans until they started doing the cleanup.  Tank had to be removed. No petroleum in the tank…it had leaked into the soil requiring cleanup. Lot has been tested 2x since the tank removal. Lot is in compliance for cleanup, however, the environmental engineer recommends a recharge system not be located on that site because there is some leakage that cannot be removed so you do not want recharged water above that you want it elsehwhere so that it can properly dissipate into the ground. Two options:

1)    A no recharge system: water from gutters go into the back yard and public combined sewer line (drainage and waste) connected to the rear of the property in the alley that runs parallel from milford/hanson. It would be the same duplicated scenario that currently exists where water runoff goes into the ground. This was the accepted practice prior to article 32. This is likely the safest alternative; less likely to have contaminants migrate.  3 tests have been completed that have said that contaminant has not spread. A 4th test will be done in march.

2)    Tank system at the rear. 2 ft diameter perforated pipe. Water from building diverts into this system adding water to the ground. The system would be 70% capacity compliant. Sewer main has collapsed and they would need to install a new sewer pipe along side the new system. Neighbors say that the sewer is shared by everyone on Bond St and would require approval for any work done by everyone on Bond. There are limitations on the area of where this going. It would be located several feet from location of where the tank was previously located.


The biggest concern is the “Liability concern” of putting it over the spot of where the old tank. According to Mr. Ferullo, the preference is to rehabilitate the property and they will abide to ZBA decision as to which option is better.  It is possible to install a 100% recharge solution. It would work but there is a risk because of the contaminated soil that would be below it. By moving the recharge system to a new location, it reduces liability but it only recharges 70%.   


Neighborhood comments:


Letter from 23 people on bond that oppose the recharge system options. They said there was actually 100 gallons of petroleum in the tank. Neighbors feel the soil should be cleaned more and that it is the owner’s negligence for not maintaining the tank. Once the soil is clean, they should get a recharge system and shouldn’t be given a waiver for a special circumstance based on their negligence.


A motion was made to support the Bond Street neighbors and not support the Szetos application for the waivers. They would like to see a further attempt to clean the soil and put in a recharge system that can support 100%.  Association is open to them coming back after further attempts for a variance if necessary. [Letter to ZBA]


10 voted. None opposed.



Contact Information for

Elliott Laffer

Executive Director

234 Clarendon St

Boston, MA  02116


Phone: 617.859.8439