May 6 2009 Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting








Dan Inbar, 41 Dwight Street

Dan has bought and is doing renovations to 41 Dwight street, including several long needed repairs both inside and outside the home. They are looking to add a deck to the rear of the building, and are seeing a letter of support from the NA

Single deck will be cantelievered and have decorative supports. Dan presented letters form several abutters supporting their proposal. After discussion with Dan Eight Streets voted to not oppose the deck at 41 Dwight, and will send a letter to ZBA.

State Representative Candidates

Three candidates for 3rd Suffolk State Representative came to Eight Streets to speak to the membership and answer questions. Candidates who visited were:

Each candidate spoke for 10 minutes, and took Q&A for an additional 5 minutes. The meeting was ended early and members were given the opportunity to mingle with the candidates and talk to them one-on-one.