Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting:

November 4, 2009


Coppa Restaurant  (former Dish Restaurant)

Update from Courtney Bissonette. They have an email address they can be reached at coppa.boston@gmail.com. They have a 1AM license and plan on closing at 12-12:45. The patio seats 24 and there is a 10 pm closing of the patio. Pizza will be around $13-15. Small plates will be $5-15. Pasta will be $9-12. Cocktails will be approx $8. Wine by the bottle will be around $30-65.


56 Dwight St

Here to present two items:

1)     They would like to add an Oriel bay window to the side of the building which overhangs land owned by the building and within the property line. Windows will not be able to be opened. Used for light only. 1 hour rated windows. Modest increase in Floor Area Ratio. On the land will not. They cut the hole in the wall already without getting approval from the unit. Windows will not be able to open so there will be no noise coming out of the unit and they will not hear noise from the HVAC in the alleyway below.

2)     Add two decks on the rear of the building: will not be more than 6ft in depth from back of the building. They have not put in for BRA design review.  Deck/Fire Escape on the 4th floor is going to be removed. 

Paul Curtis of 13 Dwight St is refurbishing the property at 56 Dwight St. The goal of the renovation is to restore it on the outside and gut it on the inside. 2 units 2750, and 1900 sf.   Will list the properties in the range of 1-5-1.8 million in price tag.

Hope to be completed by February 2009. They are changing building from having 4 units to 2 units. Roof deck and will have rubber membrane. HVAC systems will be on the roof in an enclosed lattice structure. Construction is already underway. They are also planning on adding some iron gates to the alley to make it more attractive and hopefully more safe.  There will be a 50 sf common area entry. Windows are being custom built. Fire balconies will be removed. Going to zoning on November 24th. Letters from abutters on non-opposition.  Letters from 54, 56


       One neighbor is concerned becaue houses get close together as you go down the alley and concerned that rear decks that abut Milford will be too close.  Yard depth is 19 ft so there will be 13 ft from the edge of the roof deck to the back of the property.

       Landmarks has come by to review that the setbacks are in the appropriate space and not visible from the street.

       It would be useful to speak with the residents of 47 and 49 Milford St.

       Two owners on Milford opposed due to the fact that they did not get enough notice.

       Leo is concerned about noise of the HVAC system disturbing owners now that a window is going in.

5 votes non-opposed, 2 opposed. Motion carried to support all items presented. Dana Desimone.  Bill Trafone Designs located on Tremont St.  They agreed to speak with owners on Milford St. (They have met.) Letter to of support willbe sent


Neighborhood Updates:

       Street repairs are complete.

       Sinkhole in front Waltham St. Resident told to report it to Public Works

       Recycling: The City is moving away from the blue recycling bins. They would like us to use clear plastic bags for recycling. The City can provide large receptacles or stickers to place on your own smaller bins. Recycling only happens once a week.

       City has been doing website re-design: Citizens Connect brings you to an area where it is easier to submit complaints. Smart phone enabled. When you submit something it will give you a tracking number so you can easily follow up.

       Berkeley Garden. Architect is looking at ways to add additional panels to make the fence more interesting looking. Metal structure has been put up. Mesh will go up in November and December. Spring will add plantings.

       Fundraising for Ringgold still in process. They have already added some bushes and some fences.