February 8, 2010 Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting





45 Milford St


Gino Ranaldi – Approached us concerning construction at 45 Milford st.   He is seeking a letter of support for a 2nd floor deck and a roof deck.   They willalso be changing occupancy to make this a 2 family residence.


Basic plans were presented.  Rear deck will be cantilevered out and attached to neighboring building’s fire escapes.   Other existing fire escapes will remain.    Roof deck will be estimated 12x12 and follow Landmarks guidelines.  Railing will be standard iron guard rail.  Access will be via a roof hatch.


The neighbors had some questions which were answered by Mr. Ranaldi.  Moved and passed that Eight Streets send a letter not opposing the two decks and change of occupancy.


He met with us before any hearings, so letter of support will be sent once board has met.


Pops Restaurant


Felino Samson and Douglas Noble appeared to request that Pops be allowed to extend their hours of operation from Midnight to 1am, 7 days a week.


The issue brought much discussion amongst Eight Streets members.  While some residents welcomed the extra hour, many abutters said that previous noise and employee issues, brought up before, were still unresolved.


Those supporting the proposal viewed Tremont as a business district, with other businesses in the immediate area are open until 1am with no problems.  Most of the noise observed came from patrons of The Beehive or from residents coming to their South End homes form areas outside of the neighborhood.


Those opposed to extended hours were mostly concerned with noise in the rear of the restaurant.   They say that many of the complaints made to Pops at an Eight Streets meeting months ago remain unaddressed.  Among those being employees smoking at the rear entrance and general noise from employees talking, cell phone use, and restaurant operations (taking out trash, etc).  While some of the exhaust fan noise had been addressed, and residents acknowledged the noise was less; residents wanted further noise reduction, and Pops is in the middle of continuing exhaust system changes.  Smoke and ambient noise from patrons waiting for tables in the front of the restaurant was also sited.  They were also concerned that extending the closing time would only extend the time for cleanup at the end of the day by an additional hour. 


After a long discussion the vote was called.  By a close margin, ESNA membership to not support the application for extended hours at this time.  A letter will be sent to the Licensing Board.   Members were notified that any resident could also send a letter of support or opposition to the licensing board to express their personal opinion on the license application.  (Address on the web site)


Tabitha Bennett form the Mayors ONS volunteered to mediate a neighbor-Pops meeting to investigate unresolved issues, should such a meeting take place.   After the vote ESNA talked to Pops, who was surprised that some of the rear/outdoor issues were unresolved.   They promised to work with ESNA in the coming months to try to resolve any open issues.


After the vote the meeting was unofficially adjourned.