April, 2010 Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting







Nicholas Fodor, new head of Washington Gateway Main Streets, came to the meeting to introduce himself and speak about his new role at WGMS.   Nick replaces former WGMS head Linda Royer.


37 Dwight St.


Lou Peltier, owner of 37 Dwight st, came to the meeting to discuss work he is having done on his building.   He’s doing a full rehab of the building, and outlined the plans and changes he has planned.


For ESNA, Mr. Peltier is planning to add a rear balcony and roofdeck to 37 Dwight.  The roofdeck is ‘standard’ for the South End in size and construction.  Access will be through a hatch and not a structure.   The rear balcony will be cantilevered, and of the same design and style as seen at their neighbors at #41 Dwight (which ESNA also approved).


Eight Streets voted to Not Oppose the proposed Roofdeck and Read Balcony as presented at the meeting. A Letter will be sent.


Wholy Grain


Ken Hassett/David McFarland returned to ESNA to look for support for their Wholy Grain restaurant concept.  The came to present more detailed information about their restaurant plan.  The brought a list of Talking Points and a basic proposed Floor Plan.


Some talking points at the meeting included: 


Š      Concern over trash – it will be placed on property in their ‘yard’ space.   Standard closed containers.   Trash will be collected daily – and they have room for more trash containers if needed

Š      Venting – everyone was happy the vent will go up to the roof rather than venting out the side, which could have effected neighbors.

Š      Handicap ramp – will be in their ‘yard’ leading to a rear entrance.   There is no room to put it in front.

Š      Only seating will be a few tables at the front of the restaurant and on the existing patio.   Plans showed 6 2-seat tables – 3 inside and 3 outside.

Š      Hours of 7/8am – 9pm were acceptable to residents


A direct (rear) abutter also attended.   She supported the concept, and was happy to see that the rear of the property will finally be made to look good.


While a hearing was not yet officially set, members voted to not oppose the variance needed to open a restaurant in a commercial location.



Pops Restaurant


A lawyer for Pops had contacted Tabitha Bennett of City Hal ONS.   He indicated that Pops would like to come to the ESNA meeting to discuss issues the neighborhood had had with the restaurant (see Feb minutes).   Unfortunately, Pops never showed up.   Members informed us that Pops also did not show up at the UPNA meeting, where they had also requested to attend.      


If Pops contacts us for further discussion, we will recommend that they have a meeting at Pops and invite all neighbors, rather than attend all three local NA meetings separately (ESNA, UP, Ellis).



Open Member Discussion


A member asked about the hotel proposal on Albany and East Berkeley.   John will look into it.   (follow-up – there were no slides form the hotel presentation.  Future meetings on the hotel will be posted to the ESNA Blog).


After hearing the update on the OD Crime meeting, membership expressed interest in hearing more about crime and Community Services in the neighborhood.   We’ll be dedicating the May meeting to Crime.  John will ask D4 community service officer Sgt. Provenzano to attend the meeting.


Come issues with Coppa were brought up, mostly concerning trash – cigarette butts and trash.   John will contact Coppa.