December, 2010 Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting





Councilor PressleyŐs office


Jessica Taubner, Policy director for City Councilor-at-large Ayanna Pressley joined us at the meeting.   Ms. Taubner talked about Councilor PressleyŐs agenda and priorities while at City Hall, including work on the Committee on Women & Healthy Communities and Arts, Films, Humanities & Tourism.  


Ms.Taubner also took questions from members.  On city issues (trash, signage).  We let her know the South End will be pushing for 2 day recycling during the next contract talks.  We also brought up the Waltham handicap ramps, and questions why 3 days of work is taking 3 weeks.


Fire Dept on Gated Alleys


Alan Helms took an action item to research Fire Department policy on locked alley gates.  He talked to BFD headquarters and found that Fire Department rules state that gates cannot be locked.  When asked about the several existing locked gates in alleys, BFD related the issue to that of propane grills – everyone has one, but BFD doesnŐt get involved unless thereŐs a report.   So by BFD rules, there can be gates, but they cannot be locked.


Open Member Discussion


Unfortunately, attendance was thin this meeting.   Members present discussed ways to get neighbors more involved in the NA.  Several ideas were discussed, but no action items.


Meeting adjourned