March 2011  Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting





Suzanne Lee


City Council candidate Suzanne Lee came to speak about her candidacy.   She is running for the District 2 city council seat.  (District 2 includes part of the South End, South Boston, Chinatown and part of Downtown).  She spoke about her background and goals as a city councilor.  She then took questions from the audience.  You can read more about the candidate on her web page.


City Council elections will be this November.   We will invite all candidates to speak at ESNA.


Berkeley Garden plantings


Ann McQueen from Berkeley Gardens came to present us their plan for plantings along the Berkeley street edge.   This is the next phase of work planned for the fence project.  Their goal is to compliment the fence and provide greenery and year round color to the Berkeley edge year round. 


The project will put down a ‘mow strip’ – a small concrete strip right under the fence to control weeds.   The soil between the fence and the first garden path will be replaced with healthy soil.  Then a variety of plantings will be added to this strip to both provide color, be low maintenance, add to the garden, and provide berries and such to the variety of birds that make Berkeley their home.  


Plantings to include ‘Artic Fire’ Redtwig Dogwood, Winterberry Holly, Periwinkle, Feather Reed grass, Bamboo (on the Tremont end), Issai Hardy Kiwi vine and other flowering plants.


Berkeley Gardens is applying to the Browne fund to raise money for the project.   Eight Streets will send a letter of support to the fund for the project.


5 Dwight Street


Rob Ferris, developer of 5 Dwight street, came to update us on the project status and some external elements he will be upgrading.  He wanted to get neighborhood feedback on some of the changes on rather than when he comes to us for official support.


Changes include replacing all front and back windows; with the front windows being formed to match the unique window openings.  Changing the rear gabled windows to a full dormer that is aligned with the rest of the windows; two rear porches and a roof deck; and a small courtyard in back in addition to three parking spaces.


All changes were well met by attendees; and are consistent with other building projects in the neighborhood.   Once Rob has met with the official city boards, he will come back to ESNA where we will vote on any official approval letters he would like us to send to the city.


Open Member Discussion


Some general discussions includes



Thanks to Tony of Hingham Savings for providing coffee for the meeting.


Meeting adjourned.  Nest meeting Tuesday, April 5th at Project Place