February 2012  Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting





512-518 Tremont st


Architect Guy Grassi and developer Peter Georgantas came to present a proposal for razing the current building (Old Dutch Candy) and replacing it with new construction.

The current building is on Tremont, bounded by Dwight and PA 705. The current one story building will be replaced with a 6 story building. The first floor will have two retail spaces, with 5 floors of single-floor condos. The basement will be parking for 5-6 cars, with access off of the alley.

A presentation of the exterior and floor plans was presented, with discussion and questions from residents present. The largest point of discussion concerned the color of the stone. The renderings present had a building colored more beige, which residents felt did not fit in. Me. Grassi assured us that the color was printed wrong, and the color will be of a warm yellow, not dissimilar form the yellow bricks at 505 Tremont across the street. The Tremont and Dwight facades will be stone panels, while the Alley side will be bricks of a color to match the front stone

Other design elements consist of a building 'cut out' on Dwight where the new building meets the existing townhouses, so as to not block the neighbors light. The basement will contain 5-6 parkins spaces, utilities and groundwater recharging, while the roof will contain HVAC and solar panels. Construction is anticipated to begin in July/August of this year.

After the discussion a vote was taken to not oppose the building project, and to include a our concerns on the building color. (Note - a better color rendering appeared in the press when they reported on the project.) A Letter was sent to the city.


Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting Wednesday, March 7th