October 2012  Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting






14 Milford St – Rob Ferris 


Mr. Ferris is purchasing 14 Milford st and came to bring us a project update.   Construction should begin shortly after closing at the end of the month – 8-month construction timeline.    2 condos (2 floor upper, 3 floor garden).  Front work will include restoration of oriel, new windows, repointing and general cleanup.   He’ll come before ESNA as needed for future approvals.


6 Milford St – Peter Gallo, Mark Doherty


Mr. Gallo & Mr. Doherty came to discuss a proposed balcony and roof deck to be added to 6 Milford st.   The building is being rehabbed, and will be turned form a 4 unit building into a 2 unit building.   They will to add a ‘standard’ roofdeck and a parlor level balcony. 


The owners of 4 Milford were present, and had concerns the porch would be close to the rear studio apartment of 4 Milford, who might be subject to noise and a lack of privacy.  After a discussion Mr. Gallo agreed to move the deck further from 4 Milford but still on the outside of the window at 6 Milford.  The porch will also be ‘angled’ towards Milford after a short straight stretch, with a privacy fence on the straight stretch.


Eight Streets voted to not oppose the roof deck and modified rear deck as discussed at the meeting. A Letter will be sent.


286 Shawmut Ave – Carolyn Rodio 


Ms. Rodio came before ESNA to gain support for a roof deck.   Apparently the existing roof deck was put up without a permit.  That was taken down for roof repair, but the missing permit prevented the roof deck from being replaced.   Ms. Rodio is going through the permit process to have a roof deck properly zoned.


Ms. Rodio presented plans for a small roof deck, along with letters of support form abutters and support form the Bradford NA.   After a short discussion, Eight Streets voted to Not Oppose her petition for the roof deck. A Letter will be sent.


General discussion


The open member discussion talked about crime.   There have been several break=ins in the Hanson st area.   Residents are of course encouraged to call 9-1-1- to report suspicious behavior.   To aid police, all residents are encouraged to put house numbers on their alley-facing gates, so police can more efficiently respond to calls.  There were talks about lighting rear yards while not causing light pollution for your neighbors.   The lighting discussion will continue next month.





Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting Wednesday, November 7th  at Boston ballet