February 2013 Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting








54 Dwight St – the Devlins, owners


The Devlins are seeing support for a parlor level balcony and a roofdeck.  The balcony will be cantilevered, and follow the profile of the oriel to maintain a consistent depth along the entire porch length.   A presentation was made followed by member discussion.   Members voted to not oppose the balcony and roofdeck.  A letter was sent to ZBA.


290 Shawmut Ave  Gary Anthony, contractor (Rob Visconti, owner)


Mr. Anthony presented his clientÕs request to remove the existing shed dormer and replace it with a shed dormer that runs the entire width of the building – similar to the shed dormer on the abutter @ 288 Shawmut ave.   he also proposed to add a roofdeck on the rear of the roof over the new dormer.  Both dormer and roofdeck are consistent with other dormers and decks in the neighborhood.  After questions and discussion, membership voted to not oppose the new shed dormer and roofdeck as proposed.  A letter was sent to ZBA.



Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting Wednesday, March 6th, at Boston Ballet