April 2013 Eight Streets Neighborhood Association Meeting







Dwight/Milford Alley update – Mike Almond & Team


Work on the alley beautification continues.  The team is working to get house numbers on all rear gates.  They are continuing to look into replacing the wrought iron gate on the Tremont end of the alley.   They will also be doing several lighting tests:  Rob will try to install a lighting option in the alley and let neighbors see if this is a good solution.  If so, then perhaps the alley can be lighted in some way.    Michael will update us as time goes on.


294 Shawmut Avenue – Karl Nurse, Owner


Mr. Nurse wishes to extend the height of the L on the rear of his building form the current 2 stories to the full 5 story height of the building.   The L will also contain a roof deck.


After a presentation of his proposal, there was negative feedback form some neighbors present.   Although ESNA requested it, Mr. Nurse had not contacted all of his immediate abutters about the project.   Both neighbors thought the project was too high and the neighbors at 296 had concerns about loss of light and privacy.


After a lengthy discussion, Mr. Nurse withdrew his proposal from Eight Streets to return in May.  In the intervening month he will meet with his neighbors and try to get buy-in with his design.   Mr. Nurse will also open his home to the public on a Sunday so people can see the renovation in progress and ask him questions directly.   Mr. Nurse will return to ESNA at our May meeting.



Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting Wednesday, May 1st, at Boston Ballet