Eight Streets Nov 6th meeting minutes



Neighborhood updates

ESNA Planning: Committees, Street Captains and activities for the coming year.

Open member discussion

1.     New Mayor Elect

2.     37% turn out for our precinct, 3,800 registered votes

a.     Walsh: 25            

b.     Connolly: 75

3.     Bill Linehan Elected

4.     Nov 23 Boston Shines Fall Cleanup

5.     80 East Berkley, supposed to be at this meeting, no word if the design has changed, don’t know if they’ll be at the December meeting

6.     Looking to get a line of speakers in for future meetings starting in December

ESNA Goals

Š       Neighborhood Improvements

Š       Trash

Š       Membership

Š       Social Events

Š       Safety

Š       Local Businesses & Associations

Š       City Liaison

Who would like to serve on one of these meetings?

Who would like to be a street captain?

What does a street captain do?

New ideas for:

Water & Sewer “Flood Committee”: useful to have Tomas Bagly come in from Water and Sewer

a.     Boston Ground Water Committee

b.     Jim Steinkraus also a good contact for Water & Sewer

c.     Lateral lines

d.     John Sullivan: Historical presentation and great resource

e.     Phil LaRocca

Community Gardens: Standards for design and enclosures

a.     27 Dwight

b.     Claire Corcharan

c.     Diana Presley: City Councilor

d.     History of Berkeley Street Gardens: Have a Summer meeting where we walk through and discuss the evolution of the Garden

e.     Peter Crighton: Trustees of the Reservation, BN&A


Ringold Park


a.     Friends of Ringold Park

b.     Rejuvinate the Friends Committee

c.     Michelle Woo:  Gayle to contact her


Membership ideas:


1.     Boiler plate letter to be sent out from street captains

2.     New people can be contacted by way of “Banker and Tradesman” comes out every week (weekly publication)

3.     Divide your street and contact your neighbor’s


Let’s bring Membership as a topic of discussion to December meeting


Recruitment of Street Captains’: Assigned


Neighborhood Improvements: Emily

Trash: Unassigned

Membership: Ted & Rob & Ron

Social Events:  Jodi

Safety: Bernard & Gayle

Local Businesses & Associations: Ted, Rob, Ron

City Liaison: John & Rob


Michael: Took list of who we currently for volunteers have and who we want to approach.


Shawmut and Tremont missing


Contacts through Public records


Next meeting Dec 4th