Eight Streets Neighborhood Association: Monthly Meeting Minutes: December 4, 2013

Administrative notes:

       Next meeting January 8th (1 week later than usual due to holiday)

       Councilor State rep Aaron Michlewitz as speaker for Jan 8


Line items:

1. 39 Milford Street 

Jeff and Teal Aroy (owners) requested support for a 2nd floor rear cantilevered balcony. A 6 feet deep balcony was proposed and pictures provided. Letters of support from neighbors have been supplied to John McLachlan (President Eight Streets). Vote of non-opposition was approved at the meeting. Letter sent to ZBA  


2. Speakers are being sought for future meetings:

       Officer Provenzano: January or February

       Boston Water and Sewer Works : Jim Steinkraus & John Sullivan 

       Friends of Ringgold Park: Claire Corcoran

       Michelle Wu

       South End Historical Society: Stacen Goldman

       Farm & Fable owner 


3. ESNA Welcome Pack 

Ron shared a list of local businesses and his thoughts on a welcome pack for residents: 

1.  Letter covering "8 reasons to join ESNA"

2.  ESNA membership form

3.  List of local businesses


4. Street Captains - Appointments

       Tremont: Lynn Deitzer

       Milford: Michael Almond

       Hanson: Victor D'ambroisio

       Bond & Ringgold: Gail 

       Shawmut: Kathryn O'Neill & Jeanne Pelletier

       Taylor: Barrie

       Dwight: Ted Pietras

       Waltham: Ron Johns & Don Weber


5. Actions for ESNA Committees: 

(i) Committees to meet, (ii) Develop 2-3 goals over the next 9-12 months, (iii) Share goals at the next ESNA meeting


6. South End Forum meeting:

Trash contract discussions: DPW not interested in any changes. Councilor meeting will be had on this.

Mayor to appoint a new DPW

Jan 6th is the next Councilor meeting


7. The Franklin Cafe: 

Neighbors (Katherine and Jeanne) listed their complaints against the owners of the Franklin Cafe and their concerns about an increase in capacity. Subsequent to the meeting, John McLachlan organized a meeting at the Franklin Cafe for owners and neighbors to share concerns, and agree on constructive steps to improve the situation.