Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

Monthly  Meeting Agenda

October, 2014


Š       New location, time and date for monthly ESNA meetings, , Project Place Common Room, now on the 2nd  Tuesday of every month, please note doors lock at 7:30 so don’t be late

Š       Next meeting: Tuesday November 11, Project Place Common Room

Š       Stay tuned to our website for more information on the Ringold Halloween festivities, also many stoops in the neighborhood will be actively participating in Halloween festivities

Š       November 4th – Election Day. Cathedra high; Washington & Union Park

Š       Boston shines, Milford/Hanson  Dwight/Milford alleyways  in addition to local park areas:  Nov 22nd

Š       Marty Walsh/ Jordan  “Neighborhood Engagement Walks” with Jordan: Meet at Ringold Park: Friday 24thof October, 3pm start to 5pm


Nectar & Green - Laurel McConville, proponent

Ms. McConville is applying to turn the urbanity space on Shawmut into a

juice bar. Due to short notice, vote will be taken at a future meeting on-site.

Q & A informal……..Abutters meeting to follow


Proposed organic juice shop, offering  cold-pressed juice, blended  smoothies and a curated selection of retail health food items, location 280 Shawmut, Hours of operation to be 7 to 7


Personal Best Fitness - Lesley Fenton, owner

New business opening in Castle Square. Although outside ESNA, they are

seeking wider neighborhood support for the re-zoning they need. A vote was taken for the rezoning

Vote results: vote  of  non-opposition






South End Temperature Study – Evan Kuras, BU

Evan shares with us the results of a unique temperature study he did in the

South End.


Few people  know but  there  is a cooling station at Blackstone Park, the message here is learn from the city website where your cooling stations are located

Two people died as a result of last year’s  heat wave, one mail delivery person and one elderly woman who lived  on her own

Only 18% of the Boston population do not have air conditioning

We need  to consider  those around  us  when these heat waves hit


Local Groundwater update – Jonathan Parks

Update on groundwater for 17 Bond and 9 Milford

9 Taylor Street, John Delano who is unhappy with what this groundwater update means for his potential flood risk was looking for Eight Street  support.  The Eight Street Board cannot vote on this type of issue?  Mr.  Delano will be going to the Groundwater Trust  directly for review  of  his concerns.

Side  notes:


Š       Watson  Park: process moving forward to have this area taken over by the Parks, currently managed  by BRA.

Š       Please consider your membership renewal, check out  our website for online  registration and payment www.eightstreets.org

Committee Reports – Michael Almond, ESNA VP

1.     Michael reviewed our recent successful  Eight Street Events:

a.     Annual Fall BBQ in Ringold Park

b.     Stoop party events

c.     Spring cleanup in Ringold Park, tied to Boston  Shines


Security update highlight:


1.     B & E  on Milford, the means of access was a door with weak security, this happened between 4 and 5 pm

2.     One Eight Street home was held at gunpoint/knife point on his stoop at 7pm

The message from the above two highlights is we need to consider that crime incidents  happen all day long, not just at night time.  Also, be vigilant about your surroundings.