Eight Streets Neighborhood meeting

January 12th, 2015


Next meeting:  February 9th, 2015



       Highams savings moved to February, Robin Johnson coming in February

       Looking for speakers, list to be posted, politicians


2015/2016 goals review:

       March/April: Frank OBrien would be a good follow up to changes made to snow removal compared to last year: wheel chair accessible:

       Sidewalks being ripped apart and gaping holes

       Byron Rush: State Representative: get him in

Report on December party:


       To be annual event in December

       $5,721 in the bank, PayPal

Watson Park

       Honor for Charlies Dad

       Mayor to attend, independent of Boston Shines, Spring

       Lock it at night

       Chris Cook mentioned there might be some funds for plants

       Scotts garden grant, match

       Celebration of formal friends group


       BB guns

       Happened between 7 and 1 in the morning


Wine Riot

       Public meeting not advertised well

       Not yet communicated to Eight Streets

       Agreed to open only until 10

       Lease is dependent on a license

       Story has changed from high end to a normal wine store

      Vote of not in favor of liquor license in our community [letter]


Planes flying over the city, runway 27

       There are no rules, can run 24 hours of the day

       Aaron Michlewitz, looking into this on our behalf

       Anyone interested in representing South End, currently nobody is